Principles Of Landscaping Design
The Main Principles Of Landscaping Design
July 10, 2018
women landscaping

Can A Women Landscaping Company Be Successful In Our Society?

Although women have come a long way in the business world, women landscaping company ownership is still a rarity.

However, there is ample opportunity in a growing market that should not be overlooked.  A landscaping business can be tailored to fit specific needs and desires, making it an exciting opportunity.    This is a women landscaping employee working on an irrigation system

And yet, there are plenty of negatives as well as positives for female entrepreneurs who love the outdoors, sunshine, and hard work.

Let’s take a look.


Start-Up Costs: Starting a landscaping company will require a potentially large cash investment in equipment. Examples might include mowers, trimmers, blowers, hedge trimmers etc. In addition, a transport vehicle and trailer will be a necessity.  Of course, this is just a fraction of the actual equipment needs dependent upon the services offered.

Competition:  In warmer climates like Florida or California, you will face competition from a seemingly endless supply of landscaping businesses.  In many cases, this will drive down rates and cut into the profit margin.  Potential owners should ensure that they perform due diligence and research before embarking on this new venture.

Seasonal:  Dependent upon where the business is located, landscaping can primarily be a seasonal business.  This means that the majority of profits must be made in a 6 month window.  Improper budgeting can lead to the downfall of any landscaping company.  Many companies address this by adding other services such as snow removal to their repertoire.

Physically Challenging:  For many women, this physical nature of this type of work may not be appealing and is a deterrent to starting a business.

However, there are also plenty of positives for women interested in this unique opportunity.


Regular Revenue:  One of the most appealing aspects of this type of business model is the monthly revenue that is recurring.  Lawn-mowing and treatments etc. will be repeated each month dependent upon the weather, as will the billing.

Customizable:  There is no limit to what an entrepreneur can do with a landscaping company.

  • Offer specialized services or do-it-all.
  • Hire a large crew or perform all work individually.
  • Chase commercial business or focus on residential.

The options are endless!

Ability To Scale:  Business owners will have the ability to continue to increase their services and to grow as large as the marketing results allow.

Employees:  Workers for this type of business require little education or help.  There is no expensive or time consuming training to pay for.  Keep in mind however, this type of business will usually suffer from a high turnover rate.  beautiful landscaping with flowers and trees

What is the earning potential?

A landscaping business is unusual is that the revenue potential is unlimited.  As with any business, the profits will be based on how effective the owner or leader of the company is at customer acquisition and customer service.

Women landscaping companies have increased rapidly over the last few years.  This traditionally male dominated business has yielded to societal changes and the uptick in female horticulture and landscape design degree earners.

Technical advances in equipment has also alleviated a great deal of the “strength” factor in landscaping.

All in all, a landscaping business could truly be a great fit for any female entrepreneur.

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Learn the main principles of landscaping design.

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