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July 10, 2018
Landscape Architects – A New Career
Landscape Architects – A New Career
July 10, 2018
Tips For Choosing A Landscape Architect

Tips For Choosing A Landscape Architect

Many people thrive at interior decorating and spend most of their decorating time creating a beautiful indoor living space.  But what about the outdoor landscape?

It is much more stressful to improve the look of your exterior décor than it is the interior because there are far fewer visual representations and ideas for beautiful outdoor landscapes.

Therefore, the majority of people find landscaping to be an impossible task to complete on their own.  However, there is a solution:  find a landscape architect!

Let’s take a look at a few tips to help find a good one.

Ensure that you actually need an architect first.  If you have a simple task such as adding flowers to a garden, find a master gardener instead.  Always be aware of your requirements before you begin the hiring process.

Landscape architecture involves a wide swath of tasks, including such things as designing the look of a yard, creating a park, and adding a garden.  This makes finding the perfect person for your job tough.

So, it is vital that you evaluate based on his or her experience with the type of job that you need.  If they have no experience in your project specifications, then walk away.

Next, always interview your candidates in person.  Walk them through your space and let them brainstorm ideas.  Also, take a look at their portfolio for new ideas and get a feel for the talent the architect brings to the table.

During your interview, make sure that you get a firm quote.  Then you will immediately know if the landscaping architect can operate within your budget.

During the interview, check the details such as, “do they have a certificate of liability”?  Make sure all licenses are current. Tips For Choosing A Landscape Architect

If you have no clear idea on what you want, detail your expectations to the landscape architect.  He or she will assist you in creating a more definitive idea of what the transformation of your lot should look like.

A personal interaction with the candidate will help you to assess both professional and personal qualities.  After the interview, you should have a feeling, either good or bad.  Follow that feeling!

Hopefully, these Tips For Choosing A Landscape Architect will help you!

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  1. Paulo, you’re right. I should have said, often doesn’t need watering. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

  2. Mary Shumock says:

    Good advice for getting rid of weeds during the winter. Winter maintenance will make the spring much easier.

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