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Thinking about investing in sod to improve your home value or just looking for an Ocala sod dealer you can trust? Every homeowner wants a lawn that is attractive and green.  However, they also want to enjoy that lawn without a major physical and financial commitment to maintenance and installation. This can be a problem in Florida due to the hot weather which can wreak havoc on the average yard.

So Where Do You Turn To Get Sod Work?

At Irrigators LLC, we take pride in providing a yard you can be proud of.  Our sod is the freshest that you will find in Central Florida as grass must be installed immediately upon harvest to keep it healthy.

But how many times have you driven by a home with a pallet of sod laying in the sun and dying?  Once it reaches this point, water will NOT make a difference.  Want fresh sod that will be delivered and installed at the speed of light?  Then Contact Irrigators LLC..

How Much Does Sod Work Cost?

Well, we take pride in our incredibly quality of sod work while managing to keep our prices some of the lowest in the state.  Don’t take our word for it though, just check out some of our reviews and testimonials from across the Ocala area.

Bahia Sod – A Great All Purpose Grass!

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Bahia grass was discovered in Brazil, but arrived in the U.S. in 1924.  It was originally used for pasture beef production, but has gained popularity as a lawn grass throughout the southeast.  It is perfect for a Florida landscape as it can withstand long drought periods.

This grass has long blades that are tall and thin.  These blades reseed themselves during the summer months.  Despite the thin blades, Bahia still gives off the appearance of a very thick lawn as long as it is watered and fertilized properly.

In general, it manifests itself in a light green lawn.

Centipede Sod – Easy To Mow!

  • Low Cost!

  • Highly Reviewed Company

  • Grass That Thrives In Full Sun!

Centipede sod originated in China and was exported to the U.S. in 1919.  This grass grows slowly, but is agressive and always produces a dense and weed free turf.  In addition, it requires little maintenance and is easily controlled

Centipede has gained a worldwide reputation as a provider of attractive green lawns while enjoying the lowest maintenance requirements of any sod available in Florida.

Floratam Sod – Let Your Lawn Flourish

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Floratam sod is a perfect choice for the warm and wet climate found in Florida.  This is a variety of St. Augustine that is thick, rich, and thrives in full sunlight.  Blades are longer and wider that common St. Augustine and it is considered the most tolerant of drought conditions of all the St. Augustine grasses.

It brings a full and plush appearance resulting in a textured green that will make your mouth drop.

Zoysia Sod – Soft As A Babies Bottom!

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Zoysia is one of the most popular and fastest growing grasses in Florida.  It is considered a low maintenance turf with excellent drought tolerance. Zoysia has a very wide blade and performs well in sand and clay soil.

The turf consists of  blades that are thin and straight with a fine texture and lush green color.

We are your Ocala sod authority!

Relax and let Irrigators LLC supply and install your Ocala sod to give you a lawn that all your neighbors will be jealous of.  Call for professional sod work today at 352-789-0913!