Principles Of Landscaping Design
The Main Principles Of Landscaping Design
July 10, 2018
Tips For Choosing A Landscape Architect
Tips For Choosing A Landscape Architect
July 10, 2018
Online Landscape Design

The Truth About Online Landscape Design!

Have you heard about online landscape design?

The internet continues to bring forth new ideas and new technologies and landscaping is not immune to the rise.

Online landscaping companies have gained a footing and are continuing to gain in popularity throughout the world even though the idea seems very strange.

The number one problem for customers who consider using an online program is the lack of information about the business.  Is the company high quality?  Professional?

Good questions!

The truth is that hiring a company based only on internet searches is a dangerous idea.  There is a problem in today’s world of false and misleading information becoming commonplace and landscaping companies are no exception.    Online Landscape Design

The one convenient aspect of online landscape designers is that you can browse the portfolios to find the exact style or design you are searching for. You may also be a vacuum looking for new ideas and creative designs that you could file for future reference.

However, again be careful.  Some companies use stock photos for their portfolios and have no creativity to speak of.

If you do find something you like, it is time to be a detective and verify the company as legit.  Check for reviews from several different sites.  Directories such as HomeAdvisor are a great place to start.

Ask the company for recent work and take a drive and check it out if possible.  There is no better way to get an idea of what a company is capable of than seeing previous work.

If you find a company that can indeed design your landscape online, make sure you get all aspects of the transaction in writing.  While sometimes an online designer may have a lower price, again it can be very dangerous as opposed to having someone walk through your lot and explain exactly what is going to be done.

As you may have guessed, I am not a huge fan of online designing.  I may be old-fashioned, but I prefer the offline guy showing up at my house and discussing my ideas with me and walking me through the process.

Some of the tasks an offline design expert can discuss with you includes:

  • Designing a swimming pool
  • Building outdoor area that is functional
  • Creating a design drawing
  • Creating your garden style
  • Designing your outdoor lighting
  • Irrigation repair
  •  And many more…

I would guess that most people who use online landscape designers tend to be the do-it-yourselfers.  And for those people, this may be a viable option.  However, for the rest of us, we will stick to a reliable and trustworthy landscaping company.

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