Hiring A Sod Company
Hiring A Sod Company
July 12, 2018
seeding or sod

Seeding Or Sod?

You have the perfect lot to put green grass on, but now you have a problem.  Should you use seed, or should you use sod.

In reality, it is a question that can be easily answered if you are honest with yourself.

The thing to ask yourself is, “Can I afford to sod”?  If the answer is no, then, “do I have the time needed to seed the yard myself.

For those on a budget, you will want to take the seeding route.  There is an initial cost as you will need a few tools such as a round point digging shovel, a good seed spreader, a garden rake, and a spade (shovel).  One thing to keep in mind is that seeding takes up a lot more time than laying sod.  That is why you need to evaluate whether you have the time to undergo the seeding process.

Planting seed is normally done in late summer or early fall.  Make sure you  speak to a sod supplier or nursery to ensure that you choose the proper seed.  Don’t try to scrimp when it comes to the seed.  You want a healthy green lawn, so don’t go cheap on the seed!

If you are looking for a quick solution to a new lawn, then sod is the only way to go.  A good company will perform a yard cleanup, lay the topsoil, and then place the sod.  You should also be aware that the sod must be rolled after laying.  seeding or sod

It is not a good idea to lay sod in the heat of summer or cold of winter.  The heat can easily burn the sod, while the cold will kill it quickly if the roots haven’t taken hold yet.

So your decision will have positives and negatives no matter which way you turn.  Either way, if done correctly, you will soon have a lush, green lawn to enjoy and that you can be proud of.

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