Commercial and Residential Mulching Services In Ocala

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So What Is Mulching?

It is an excellent method used by landscaping experts to protect the look and health of the desired landscape.  ocala mulch services

In addition, it is used by many homeowners with the sole purpose of controlling weeds, the enemy of every lawn.

Mulching involves the placement of a material layer over the soil and around plants in a line of shrubs or flower beds.  The material can be inorganic or organic.

What Are Mulch Materials?

Some of the most popular example of mulch are chips, plastic, stones, straw, bark chips, cocoa hulls, and grass clippings.  All work well but have different price points.  You can contact us to find the option that is best for you.

Some Benefits Of Mulching

Although primarily used for weed control, there are actually a ton of benefits to adding much to your yard.  Let’s take a look at a few:

Utilizing mulching conserves wetness and therefore water.  In addition, it prevents erosion in the soil.

Mulch also assists in keeping the soil temperature even, increases the amount of nutrients, and ensures that the affected area will continue to maintain and attractive appearance for an extended period of time.

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