Ocala-The First Day

When I moved to Ocala in 2003, I really had no idea what to expect.  I had only visited here once to interview for a job.  But on June 12th of that year, I woke up in Ocala, Florida for the very first time.

I was married and had a 5 year old son at that time.  That first morning we woke up there was a colossal amount of work to be done to get organized.  My wife suggested that my son and I go out and explore a little while she began the cleanup.

We were happy to oblige and jumped into the car and began to drive.  Immediately we spied an ice cream place called Marble Slab.  We noted the location and agreed to stop there on the way home.

Then suddenly we saw what looked like an activity center.  A big gray building with a putt-putt course behind it and batting cages to the left.

The sign said, “Ocala Easy Street”, and looked cool.  So, we parked the car and went inside.  The first thing we noticed was a huge amount of video type games including shooting games (my favorite), skee ball and more.

My young son was ecstatic, so I plopped a twenty-dollar bill down and got some tokens.  We went to work and played every game in the place collecting tickets for each game as we went.  When the twenty dollars was gone, we walked outside.

We decided to play a game of mini golf and although my son wasn’t very good, it was a blast.  The course was a little worn and needed some work, but it had water holes and any golf is fun golf.

We grabbed a snack in the concession stand, sat down at a picnic table and relaxed for a half hour or so.  But then, it was back to action.

We found the go-cart track and paid our money.  My son was too small to drive so he rode with me.  It was his first time and he absolutely loved it.  Actually I did also.

Our final stop at Easy Street was the water boats.  There was a small pond with a round boat with a water cannon in it.  Someone else got in with us and the battle began.  We shot them with the cannon and they returned fire.  There was no escape anywhere.  We got completely soaked and decided to call it a day and head for home.

We sat down in the dry car seats and immediately made them wet.  We drove the short distance home laughing all the way about the great time we had had.

Imagine my wife’s surprise we two guys drenched from head to toe walked into our new apartment.  We quickly took showers and then grabbed her and went back out.

Guess where:

Well, the ice cream place of course.  They rolled it out on a marble slab and it tasted just like homemade.

My first day in Ocala?  Well it was just about perfect!

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