Tips For Choosing A Landscape Architect
Tips For Choosing A Landscape Architect
July 10, 2018
Should You Consider Landscape Architecture
July 10, 2018
Landscape Architects – A New Career

Landscape Architects – A New Career 

Landscape architecture includes designing, planning, managing, preserving and rehabbing land and construction.  These people are called landscape architects.

What Does It Involve?

Designing landscapes is serious business with serious requirements.  It is a multi-disciplinary activity that includes science, art, math, engineering, history, technology and philosophy.  Landscape architects are responsible for duties such as public park creation, corporate office planning, highway and bridge planning, forest conception, tourist landscapes, reclaiming old landscapes such as mines etc.

This job includes minor and major tasks.  They are considered the brains behind the varied construction types.  In addition, they must supervise construction work contracts and take care of any applications for capital grants.

Architects often work with engineers, surveyors, and architects to devise the most appropriate plans for buildings and roads.  Also, they are required to closely work with foresters, environmental scientists, and other professionals to help conserve natural resources.  When everything is ready, the architect creates a new plan that includes new walkways, decorations, topography, vegetation etc.

Most of their time is spent in an office preparing designs, models, cost estimates and plans.  The rest is taken up by meeting with clients or supervising the work site.


Being a nature lover is the major requirement needed for this job.  They should also be creative and possess analytical skills.  In addition, a good architect should be a good communicator and own excellent writing skills.  Software requirement include CAD.   


Qualifications for an entry-level position include a Bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture.  A Master’s degree is preferred.  Many employers require an internship to be completed before hiring.

Landscape architecture is a growing field that pays well.  Positions that are related include construction supervisors, land planners, project managers, and landscaping consultants.

Landscape architecture is a complicated field and is not for everyone.  It requires a strong academic background as well as excellent people skills and familiarity with designing software.   However, it is also listed as one of the most rewarding careers out there.  Who doesn’t like to step back and admire a creation that could potentially change lives?

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