The Miracle Of Sod
The Miracle Of Sod
July 12, 2018
seeding or sod
Seeding Or Sod?
July 12, 2018
Hiring A Sod Company

Hiring A Sod Company

Sodding your yard can be a big job and should be taken seriously.  Hiring the right sod company can alleviate any fears or problems that might arise.  This guide will lend a hand in helping you choose the company that is best for you.

First, according to the website,, you should refuse to hire a company that is not licensed and insured.  If they do not possess proper certificates, walk away.  This will guarantee protection from liability in case of an accident.

Next, check the company experience.  You can visit each company online and check out their business history.  Ask for references and take advantage of word of mouth.  Be wary of brand new companies with no referrals.

Third, check the sod supply carefully.  There is nothing wrong with asking for a sample for the sods you plan to choose from. Carefully examine all sod suppliers and the products they have.  Of course, you will want to check the prices and quality.

Fourth, make sure that the installer checks your sprinkler system.  It must be fully functional before the sod is laid.  Most landscaping companies can fix sprinkler systems as well.

Fifth, check the soil to ensure that it is healthy.  You may want to pay for a soil analysis

Sixth, check the growing conditions.  The landscaping company may suggest pruning trees to provide for more sunlight.

Seventh, calculate how much sod is required.  Accurate measurements reduce waste and also the costs to you.  Hiring A Sod Company

After walking through the property, the sod installer will give you an estimate and a warranty.  Sod is an excellent method of creating a lush, new lawn that is affordable.

Hopefully, you can follow these tops when planning your new sodded lawn.

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