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landscape design for the home and office

A landscape architect is a fulfilling position, but what is their function?  Landscaper architecture is a complex system that creates functional and attractive outdoor living spaces by combining an array of elements.  Architects then are simply the individuals who create for their customers and tailor each project to the clients wishes.

Rather than attempt to create a masterpiece by yourself, it would be wise to give the landscape architect the job.  He or she is trained and experienced and can develop anything that you might need safely and quickly.

Architect will dramatically turn your usable space into a larger square footage area that will improve the value of the home.  This is why it is such a good investment.


Paving Contractor

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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is surfacing a road or walkway with asphalt.  This is done with hot mix asphalt  (a combination of gravel, stone or sand held together by cement).  An asphalt producer performs these tasks and then loads the material onto trucks.  The asphalt is then delivered to the construction site and prepared to pouring.

First, it is deposited into hoppers that sit near the front of the paving machines.  When the asphalt is poured, it will be rolled with a large machine that drives over the asphalt.  The area is safe for cars and pedestrians as soon as it dries.

Sod Supplier

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Grass and Turf To Your Door

A sod supplier is an important business.  Why?  Because they can create a lush, green lawn if a few hours.  This not only saves you an inordinate amount of time, but delivers piece of mind and keeps you from doing the hard manual labor yourself.

Sod is just turf that is cut into square and removed taking care to leave the roots and soil.  It is moved from one location to the next to create a new lawn.   At the new location, it is placed on the ground and rolled to start the integration process of the roots.

The sod supplier prepares your area, delivers the sod, installs the sod, and rolls it.  They will then give you instructions on how to ensure the sod lives and begins to thrive.

Tree Service

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Tree Cutting and Removal

A tree service is an invaluable addition to anyone’s list of home help.  They can come to your home and immediately discover any problems including disease or pest problems with your trees.  They can even help prevent disasters by removing trees that could possibly fall directly on your home or garage.

The service will normally suggest pruning or removal of trees.  Pruning helps keep trees healthy while ensuring that limbs don’t make it difficult to walk under.  Uncut limbs can also actually scrape the house and do permanent damage.

Tree removal is a task that should be left up to the experts.  Stumping includes cutting the stump low, grinding the stump away, or removing it completely

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