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landscape design for backyards

A landscape designer is an exciting job.  But what exactly do they do?  Landscape design is a process that combines a large array of elements to create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces.  Landscaping designers are individuals that offer customers a varied number of services that are completely tailored to the desired needs.  Those who hire a landscape designer are guaranteeing amazing design solutions while negating mistakes that are costly and reducing unnecessary confusion.

A competent landscape design increases the square footage of usable space, makes the home a more enjoyable place, and even improves the resale value.  Outdoor living spaces therefore can be a wonderful investment.


Paving Contractor

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Asphalt Sealing and Striping

Asphalt pavement is a term that means any road that is surfaced and paved with asphalt.  HMA or Hot Mix asphalt is stone, gravel, or sand combined and bound by cement of the asphalt variety.  Asphalt cement is combined and mixed at an HMA business.  The material is then loaded onto trucks that transport it to a paving site.  The mix is dumped into hoppers near the front of the paving machines.  Once the asphalt if poured, it is then compacted with a very heavy roller which drives over the asphalt.  As soon as a new paved area is drive, it is okay to walk or drive on it.

Sod Supplier

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Creating Turf Lawns Everyday

What is a sod supplier?  Sod, also call turf is actually just grass and soil that is kept together by its roots.  It is cut from one location and transported to another location. There it is laid down on topsoil and rolled to help the roots attach.  It is a very quick way to get a lush, green lawn.

So a sod supplier is actually a location, usually a farm that grows and cuts sod for homeowners, home builders, and landscaping companies.

The company will usually be located very close to the customer base as sod cannot survive very long without being laid on topsoil.

Tree Service

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Tree Pruning and Cutters For You

A tree service is a tree expert and can identify problems including pests and disease. A tree service can perform many tasks, but the most popular are pruning and removing trees.  Pruning includes crown thinning, crown raising, crown reduction, or hazardous reduction.

Some tree removal objectives include tree takedown and cut the stump low, tree takedown and grinding of the stump, complete removal including stump mulch, and tree to be cut into firewood.

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