The Importance Of Paving Contractors
The Importance Of Paving Contractors
July 11, 2018
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The Miracle Of Sod
July 12, 2018
5 Tips To Remember When Hiring A Paving Contractor

5 Tips To Remember When Hiring A Paving Contractor

So you have a paving job that you know requires a good paving contractor.  But not so fast.

It is vital that you find a reliable contractor as the result will affect the look and resale value of your home or business.  You also don’t want to be in a situation that requires updates every year to the project.

With that in mind, lets’ look at 5 tips to remember when hiring a paving contractor.

1.Check For Referrals

The oldest and still probably the best way to find a good company is simply to ask around.  Find reliable sources and ask for recommendations.  Word of mouth is the best advertising and its free, so you can rest assured it is a great way to find the business you are looking for.

2.Assess The Project

Not all paving contractors are created equal.  You must find one who understands and can meet the specifications of your job.  Carefully assess your needs including measurements, problems such as cracks or obstructions and the environment surrounding the potential area.

This will provide you and the paving contractor a much better idea of the scope of work needed and the pitfalls you may face.

3.Do A Search

If word of mouth is not getting the job done, it is time to move on to a manual search.  The obvious choice is the internet.  Here you can find virtually every company in the world along with a host of sites that feature reviews.  You will be able to tell a lot by visiting a potential contractors website.

 4.Get A Feel

Spend time and talk face to face with the potential paving contractor.  The phone is okay but meeting someone always gives a customer a feeling of yes or no. Give them your assessment of the project and evaluate their response.  Look for those contractors who want to see the area and ask several pertinent questions.  Ignore those that don’t.

5. Use Your Best Judgement

At the end of the day, as with anything else, it comes down to your judgement.  Check the portfolio, speak to former customers, meet them in person, and then make a decision.  Do your due diligence and trust your judgement.  5 Tips To Remember When Hiring A Paving Contractor

Finally, finding a paving contractor can be an enormous task if you are thorough.  Use your common sense and the tips listed here and you should be fine.

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  1. Gerty Gift says:

    I liked what you said about spending time and talking with the potential contractor face to face. I have been thinking about hiring someone to install an asphalt driveway for our home. I think that it would be easier to take care of than our current driveway. I think that talking to them face to face will really help me to know whether I feel comfortable around them or not.

  2. I really liked your tip to assess the project to determine which company will be most fit for the job. My mom has a pretty hefty contracting job in her yard as she replaces her driveway. I will be sure to tell her that not every company was fits the job just right.

  3. I appreciate the part where you mentioned that when word-of-mouth is not sufficient in finding a good paving contractor, it is time to go online. There are certainly a lot more options available for the types of paving jobs a customer requires thru a quick search online. My uncle is thinking of adding a driveway to his new house next month. I would recommend to him to go online to search for the best contractor that can meet his pavement needs.

  4. Marcus Coons says:

    Thanks for mentioning how you should talk face to face when looking for a contractor. It is important to understand that doing some research can help you find the best way to get your paving done right. We are planning on installing asphalt on our driveway, so I’m glad I found this.

  5. I didn’t even think about how you might find someone who has a better idea of the scope of the job but I’m glad you mentioned it. Some contractors are used to working small little details while others do large areas. It’s best to look at their previous work before you hire them.

  6. Jesse Ford says:

    Thanks for mentioning that you should hire a paving contractor that understands and meets the specifications of the job you wish to do. My brother is thinking of hiring a specialist next month because he’s contemplating repaving the walkway in his back yard because there are cracks in it currently. I think it’s a good investment to hire a reputable professional that is familiar with residential walk paths if he chooses to hire one.

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